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The Artist Management & PR division takes care of all aspects and PR  as well as the official sites to support the musical career of international artist Robert Lauri.  Confidence, synergy, and the exchange of ideas are key components to developing the career of a talented musician. I would like to thank the artist who allows me to work with him on his career. It's an honor to work with this artist on his musical endeavors that are the mirror of his talent.

To discover the musical universes of Robert Lauri:
Born into a family of musicians and artists, it was almost inevitable that Robert Lauri would become involved in the arts in some way. As a young boy he learned to play piano and guitar. Not content with just performing, Robert was soon composing great melodies to accompany his lyrics. Robert Lauri, an eclectic international musician, controls a wide variety of musical genres, and the extent of his musical creativity characterizes him as a true artist. Robert Lauri continuously creates and produces at a dizzying pace and is always offering up new harmonies for the listener. The styles differ and are continually renewed, and yet Robert Lauri always follows the same path, that of sincerity. His long musical career has given him a mastery that allows him to know how just far to push the music, what instruments and what arrangements to bring into play and when to touch us deep within our soul and give us moments of escape.

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