Radio Services
Radio page for Internet radio stations and musicians

Some independent musicians have their own Internet radio to promote their music. 
A special page for radio stations, musicians and bands will include the radio player and voicemail option. People can record their message with their microphone and listen to the recording before clicking on the  “send” button. Their voice message will be integrated in the radio streaming. It creates a live show independent of availability, time zones and phone charges. People can record a message when they feel like it! If someone wants his or her message to be deleted, it’s easy, and with an e-mail to the owner of the page, the voice message can be removed without difficulty.
We also have the same concept for musicians who have a Reverbnation site or a page on another music network.
Sample: Here is  the page made for the “Robert Lauri on the Air” radio station:

Live365 My Radio Show

For independent musicians, it's often difficult to get airplay or you must work with a partner that you have to pay to look for airplay without any guarantees, which is often the case. Our Live365 My Radio Show has been live for more than a year and different programs are broadcasted.  Our audience hails from 40 different countries, and they regularly tune in to the station. We are there for good music! This radio station is becoming a part of a larger project that includes Internet TV.

"Leave your Voicemail" is a registered concept by Sensitivity and Words - Linda Vranken