Customized Newsletters and Artist Pages

Customized Newsletter with an integrated forum
A lot of newsletters are created by musicians and bands and sent out to their fan base. Quite a few look identical, and you may get lost in a large number of newsletters received by fans of a certain genre of music. Robert Lauris newsletters are customized. Each month, a new edition is published with different banners to highlight Roberts current activity. All links to his various pages and websites are included. A forum is integrated in the newsletter allowing fans and others who discover his music to leave you a comment. These newsletters can be shared on all social media sites with the “share” button.

Artist Pages

Special webpages that highlight releases of albums and songs besides the official website. Working on different concepts and new features is just plain fun.
We share with you the links to Robert Lauris pages :

Music distribution overview
Music is distributed in different stores on the Internet and CDs can be ordered through a separate channel. Having all this info gathered on one customized page with the artist look and feel, allows  to send this page to  contacts and to share with friends via the “share” button for social networking sites.

Here is Roberts distribution page :

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